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Your Adventure BEGINS HERE!


Oregon International School is located in Baker City, a safe, family-oriented, rural community reflecting the very best of small-town U.S. living. The region is known for agriculture, ranching, friendly people, and scenic beauty. Nestled between the Blue Mountain Range and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, Baker City provides a fresh air gateway to outdoor adventure. Hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, horseback riding and fishing are among some of the recreational opportunities. Here, international students benefit from respectful engagement and collaboration with others from diverse backgrounds and world views. Students flourish academically when knowledge, language, and multiculturalism underpin their educational experiences. We have designed options to fit your needs, goals, and budgets.

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Setara is from International and earned an Oregon diploma at Baker High School. Setara earned several awards for excellence and attended Portland Community College the next year in Portland, Oregon. “I would definitely recommend Baker High School to another exchange student. I honestly think the curriculum is perfect for other International students! I think the small town environment was the best part. You can get from place to place fairly easily by just walking, and the traffic isn’t horrible. Being in Baker really helped my English get even stronger. The daily exposure to conversations in English definitely made the difference. My teachers were so open and engaging with the students. It helped make me feel welcomed in the school.”

Maria is from Norway and spent a full year in Baker City. “I enjoyed meeting new people and learning about American culture; I also had fun celebrating Thanksgiving for the very first time. Going to school in the U.S. really improved my English because I spoke it every day. I would recommend going to Baker City because they offer lots of different advanced classes. Also, because the teachers are really nice and helpful!”


Jimmy from Taiwan is a talented artist and musician who spent 11th grade in Baker City. “The people are really nice, and the teachers really care about us. There are a variety of classes you can take, and the daily conversations helped me improve my English!”

We Are The Oregon International School

The Oregon International School believes that students of all nations must learn to respectfully engage with others from diverse backgrounds and world views in order to be effective in an ever-connecting global community. We also believe that students flourish academically when knowledge, language, and multiculturalism underpin their educational experiences. To those ends, our mission is to foster globally minded citizens through four core educational objectives:

  • To encourage a cosmopolitan appreciation for diversity;

  • To raise global community awareness through international exchanges of ideas, culture, and solutions to global issues;

  • To prepare students of any nation to assume productive roles in an ever-connecting global community;

  • To support both local and international students in their English language development in order to meet their post-secondary educational goals.

The Oregon International School prepares both local and international students for these objectives by:


Employing engaging project-based-learning methods;

Emphasizing collaborative research and writing in all courses;

Establishing enriching travel and educational study abroad through sister-school relations around the globe with satellite campuses offering our same programs.

To these ends, we endeavor to bring students, educators, and community members from around the world together through exciting travel and education-based opportunities.

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