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Frequently Asked Questions

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The minimum age requirement is 14 on or before October 1st.  The program is open to students from grades 9 through 12. Please note: students on F1 Visas may not return to the same public school on the same Visa, but rather must return to their home country and reapply to a new high school to attend a second year.

Minimum Grade

Students must first have grades of Cs (or the equivalent) or higher in their English coursework in their home schools. During the interview and through the writing sample, a final determination will be made regarding proficiency. Our minimum proficiency is that which would reflect the potential to pass with minimum proficiency on the Oregon Essential Skills exams or work samples. This determination will be made by the Director of the Oregon International School.

There is no minimum TOEFL score or any other standardized measure necessary for admission. We consider the following when admitting students: current transcript of grades, English conversational skills, and a reading and writing sample. Oregon International School staff will assess these skills through a scheduled Skype interview.

Minimum English

Students seeking a fall start must apply before April 1st. Students seeking a spring start must apply before December 1st. Deadline for all summer and winter short-term programs is two months before desired month of the program.

Application Deadline
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We currently host F1 and J1 visas for one year. We are one of only a few public school districts within America to offer a J1 program. We can also take students for two years utilizing both the F1 and J1 Visa.  However our short 2-6 week programs only need a tourist Visa.

Which Visa
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Once students have been accepted into the program, the first two-thirds of the tuition/room and board is collected. Once collected, the OIS will issue the I-20 form.

When I-20 Form
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Students will get a program overview and assistance with articulating to the Consulate their motivations and plan for studying in the Oregon International School exchange program.

Interview Assist
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Students will be placed with host families by the Oregon International School staff. Families are carefully screened, and parents will receive a resume description and pictures of the home prior to placement. The Oregon International School will facilitate a videointerview between the families as soon as a placement is found.

Find Host Family
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The $200 dollar application fee is non-refundable. If a student’s visa is denied, 100% of the tuition, room and board will be refunded. Students who change their mind or are removed from the program for disciplinary reasons will have their money refunded on a prorated basis. Email for more information.

Change Mind or Visa Denial
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The price includes all meals provided by home family, specifically breakfast and dinner during the school week and all three meals on the weekends. Students are responsible for the daily lunches at school. School lunch is available. Student recreation and spending money is not included in the price.

Price include
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All students must provide proof of major medical insurance. The OIS can assist parents with a policy designed for international students provided by licensed insurance agent at an additional cost. Email for more details.

Health Insurance
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Yes, students who demonstrate high proficiency may take advanced placement (AP) English, Chemistry, and History. We also offer college-dual credit in College Writing, Statistics and Calculus for eligible students. Proficiency for advanced courses will be determined at the time of admission interview and transcript review if possible, but may also require a proficiency exam once on campus. Additional college coursework is available for qualified students through our Baker Early College online platform at no additional cost. Please email for more information.

Early College Courses
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OIS students may enjoy athletics such as soccer, American football, track and field, cross-country, wrestling, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, cross-country and cheerleading. Clubs include Drama Club, Art Club, Future Farmers of America, Mock-trial Club, and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). We also have started the first eSports club in Oregon at the high school level for video game enthusiasts. If you play an instrument you can bring your own or rent one in town.


We also have many amazing outdoor activities available if a student wishes to take advantage of the outdoors. Some of the most popular include downhill skiing, hiking, camping and kayaking, just to name a few.

Athletics Offered
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Senior students will have a full transcript review completed upon admission. Those seeking to earn a U.S. diploma will receive a list of all courses required to graduate with an Oregon diploma. Typically, senior students will need to complete U.S. History, U.S. Government, economics, a senior level English course, a science course and a math course. Gap Year students can still earn a US diploma, even if they have already graduated from their home school.

US certifed Deploma
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Yes, OIS students have full access to our guidance department staff to help with college admissions. We help students investigate potential colleges, prepare for the SAT and ACT admissions exams, and to apply for scholarships. We are definitely here to help you be successful and pursue your “next steps” in life.

College Admissons
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Family and friends are welcome to visit during the stay. Please prearrange the time for such visits with your host family.

Friend n Family
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OIS provides full academic support through our guidance staff and Future Center. Social and emotional services are available as well, as well as a full student health clinic on campus. We are here to help you be successful.

Scheduling Support
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